Microsoft recently announced that they will be releasing the latest iteration of its Xbox app to as many Android devices as possible, with the key selling point of the solution being the ability to stream Xbox games. The app will include an updated design, as well as allow players to play their Xbox One games remotely, as they will be able to stream the games from their console to their phones.

Previously known as “Console Streaming”, the new Xbox remote play feature allows players to connect to an Xbox One console remotely so that they can play games that have already been downloaded to the system. The new Xbox app is different from the Microsoft xCloud service, as anyone who owns an Android deice will now be able to stream their games straight from their Xbox One console, while presently, xCloud can only be used with titles on Xbox Games Pass Ultimate and games that are streamed from cloud servers on Microsoft.

In addition to the game streaming feature, the Xbox Android app has also been given a fresh design that’s connected to the dashboard changes that will be coming to Xbox one and the next-gen console, Xbox Series X.

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