Chapter 2, Season 4 Battle Pass for Epic’s battle royale hit Fortnite is getting quite a bit more exciting, thanks to the addition of one of Marvel’s most popular characters: Wolverine himself.

In addition to unlocking the character’s outfit, players can also take part in the Battle Pass Challenges as Wolverine and earn even more rewards, like his Ferocious Wrap and Trophy Back Bling accessories, not unlike what we’ve seen when John Wick had a cameo in the game several seasons back. Once players complete the Wolverine Challenges, they can proceed to complete a Wolverine special request, which, upon completing, unlocks the character’s Snikt! Emote. Once unlocked, the Snikt! Emote can be triggered to replace the Pickaxe with Wolverine’s most famous feature: his Adamantium Claws.

Players can also unlock the character’s classic style (gold and brown colors) and then alternate between the classic style and default yellow and blue color. After successfully completing 10 regular challenges in week 5 and week 6, players will be able to unlock Wolverine’s classic style and once unlocked, the classic gold and brown colors are available to use throughout the remainder of the season.

Of course, the window of opportunity for getting all of this stuff is quite limited, so best not to put the grind on hold for too long.

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