No fewer than 13 years after Team Fortress 2 was first released, it has received yet another update from Valve as the company apparently still remembers this cult classic exists. Which, by itself, isn’t that surprising considering thousands continue to play it on a daily basis.

A total of four fresh community maps that are geared toward Halloween, (Scream Fortress XII) have been included in the game. These communities include Hassle Castle, Megalo, Moldergrove, and Megalo. Additionally, a total of 22 updated community cosmetics have been added, too, as well as 19 updated community effects and 15 community war paints. The new content isn’t from Valve, but rather it’s from fans of the game. Like other Valve games that have received updates, the ongoing support for Team Fortress 2 is the result of creations that are made by players.

Valve has als include a few minor updates, such as Steam Text Filtering, as well as the ability to move players from team to team in order to address skill imbalance; for example, if a player is considered “ultra-dominant” in a match, they will receive a “Marked for Death” label, and will be given nerfs that offer an assortment of power-up mods. After the patch was released, TF2 achieved its highest player peak since tracking began back in 2012.

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