Discovery Networks’ Dplay launched its coverage of the new post-lockdown season of soccer using quite a few neat tricks relying on augmented reality (AR) graphics, as well as a virtual media set that is loaded with advanced tools for storytelling.

That’s the good news – the bad news is that all of this cool stuff is only available in Sweden, i.e. the media package is a product of the Swedish edition of Dplay. With that said, the AR graphics and the set combined allow the network to display the stats of the game and the player, as well as video clips and other vital details.

The information can be displayed either on virtual walls that are located behind the presenters or within the three-dimensional augmented space already available with UEFA Europe League coverage. Both the virtual set and the graphics are controller by Vizrt, one of the largest firms specializing in 3D graphics in the world. The design itself constitutes work from Dot Connector, an equally renowned AR specialist.

The use of this technology is exciting, as it significantly enhance the soccer viewing experience for fans, as they will feel more like they are taking part in the event instead of just watching it.

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