Pre-orders for the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 console turned out to be quite the disaster, almost impressively so. Not long after Sony announced the release date and cost of the next-gen game console, pre-orders were opened on March 16, a day before the company stated that retailers should begin the pre-order process.

As a result of the mix-up, websites came crashing as consumers panicked and worried whether or not they would be able to purchase a PlayStation 5 for themselves. Sony responded to the fiasco by issuing an apology on their official Twitter account, which just goes on to show how big of a deal this actually is.

According to the Tweet, Sony said that the pre-orders for the PS5 could have gone a lot “smoother”. They offered their sincere regrets and promised that they would release more next-gen consoles for pre-order, noting that retailers would provide additional details. Sony also said that they would be releasing more PS5s throughout the rest of the year. Despite the apology and the statement, specifics pertaining to future pre-orders still aren’t clear.

To further add to the disarray, Amazon stated that consumers who successfully secured a pre-order might experience delays in receiving their devices.

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