For those who have been waiting on the RTX 3080 Founders Edition, there is finally some good news: the company stated that people who signed up to receive a notification about the sales should soon be getting an email confirming when the product will be back in stock.

The new high-end graphics card sold out extremely quickly and the company was ill-prepared for this turn of events, despite it being far from surprising. Currently, in order to buy the card you will have to be lucky enough to find it on Ebay and when you do, the price is going to be way higher than what you would pay for it retail.

The founders card was only sold on the company’s website, but people using bots were able to buy out the card before the average consumer. This made it almost impossible to get the founders edition card. The use of online bots to buy out the card has upset many potential consumers and the forums are full of complaints about the issue.

Even though people were notified about the sale ahead of time, there was little chance of obtaining the highly sought after cards, causing extreme frustration among consumers.

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