Though it may be a while until the highly anticipated season 5 of Ricky and Morty finally airs, the very latest promo video from the show gave viewers a sneak peek of the upcoming adventures, such as a return of interdimension travel, but without the portal gun.

The creators of the animated Adult Swim series, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, personally launched the said Season 5 promo, fully aware of its many implications. Loyal fans of the long-running show are already busy speculating about what the promo could mean for upcoming adventures of the wacky grandfather and grandson duo.

The trailer may have been short, but a lot of revelations were tucked into the first promo; for example, it seems as if the promo hinted that Jessica’s role will be larger in season 5. The show, which features the perfect blend of witty humor and action-packed science fiction, both satirizes the tropes of the genre while also embodying them.

Rick often uses his trusty portal gun to transport himself and his grandson Morty to a different and safer dimension. The promo seems to indicate that there will be a way for Rick and Morty to travel to alternate realities without needing to use Rick’s portal gun.

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