The makers of Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games, have previously hinted that they will be launching an in-game Halloween event, which seems to be inspired by Undead Nightmares. That would be the critically acclaimed, standalone expansion for the original Red Dead Redemption released a decade ago.

A datamine indicates that several of the characters from Undead Nightmares will be making their way into the multiplayer portion of Red Dead Online. A recent video that was uploaded on Red Dead Guides shows about 50 zombie characters have been found in the files of the game. Presently, the models are hidden, so they can’t be seen, and they don’t seem to be revealed anywhere in the game.

The apparel of all of the models appears to be cultish and features an “army of fear” label on the files themselves. In 2019, Rockstar Games celebrated Halloween by launching an update that featured a Fear of the Dark mode. A selection of masks was also available for all three specialists roles that were available in the game. Last year’s Halloween event launched on October 29 and was available through November 12.

A Halloween event also took place in GTA Online during a similar time period. The developer has not confirmed a Halloween update for the 2020 season.

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