Chromebooks have actually been doing quite a decent job at generating momentum in the gaming segment, which is somewhat surprising but not the kind of thing we’d complain about.

These compact laptops running Google’s Chrome OS offer a host of features that make them a decent deal for gamers, such as Android Apps, GeForce Now, and Stadia, making it a functional tool for gamers of all types. However, there is one feature that seems to elude Chrome OS: Steam. Home to more than 30,000 games and a hub for communities of gamers, development tools, and servers, the Valve side is widely used by gamers.

While it isn’t technically supported on Chrome OS as of yet, the computer now runs a Debian Container that will allow users to install the app either from the terminal, or they can download the .deb package right from the Steam website. Google and Valve have joined forces to develop a project they call “Borealis”.

The objective of the project is to create a dedicated VM that is designed just for installing and running Steam within a Termina VM. While there hasn’t been any indication of when Borealis will be available, it seems that developers are trying to get the project up and running soon.

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