Gamers who enjoyed the “boost” feature of the PS4 Pro can look forward to what’s essentially an improved version of that feature making its way to the PlayStation 5. As a matter of fact, the functionality is currently being positioned by Sony as one of the main selling points of the upcoming gaming console.

This feature promises improved frame rates for both PSVR and PS4 games. For PSVR players, this is wonderful news as they can now carry over their gaming library to the newest gaming device. Game boost is hardware compatible and will help games run smoother and faster than on the older PS4 consoles. It is important to note that the advertisement states that the game boost will only be available with select games at first and there is no guarantee that it will work with all games right away.

For those who were on the fence about getting the PS5, this news should help make the decision a bit easier. Loading times should be much better on the new system as there is a new SSD that provides super-fast loading times on newer games. Games such as Iron Man VR, which were very slow to load, will now be much faster when using the new PS5. Pre-orders for the system are available now and the game is available November 12.

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