Porsche has a long-standing name and tradition in the car industry as being one of the best luxury sports brands out there. And sports brands don’t really mix well with things that aren’t guess. That’s why it might surprise some to learn that the current best selling care for the company is the Taycan, which is the electric car.

The Taycan recently destroyed sales of the Panamera, which is the closest competitor in the gas powered group of vehicles. When it comes to the design and the specs, Porsche did not hold back with the Taycan. However, the high price of the car leaves some questions about how successful it can really be.

The Taycan only started being sent out about a year ago, but after an increase in production, the volume of sales have started to take off considering it is a $100000 car. Sales are a bit slower throughout North America, but throughout Europe the Taycan is starting to do very well. The Taycon became the best selling vehicle throughout Europe just this past month, outselling the 911. Technically speaking, the Cayenne is the best selling vehicle from the company if you combine the sell of the SUV with the coupe version.

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