Halloween is just around the corner and one of the best ways to get into the spirit of the season is through in-game events. The summer games from Overwatch are now out of the way and fans are now awaiting the next special surprise that Blizzard has to offer, especially with Halloween being so close.

It is a wonderful feeling to see the vibe and decorations outside when you log into Overwatch. The new skins that are available make this time of year even more exciting. Typically, Halloween skins from the past will be available to buy and new ones will then come into the shop inside themed loot boxes. Old and new game modes are also often released as a part of the Halloween celebration. The hype for the Halloween event is starting to increase. However, there has not been any information about the date for the event released by Blizzard at this time.

Fans are quite sure that there is still going to be an event this year, but as of right now the start date is a mystery. It Is likely that the event will be around the 10th of October, if Blizzard continues with the trends of the past.

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