Loot boxes are the main way that players in Activision-Blizzard’s Overwatch can acquire many of the cosmetic items for the game such as sprays and skins and other useful items for the game. Most of the time loot boxes will come from playing the game for long periods of time.

However, players can purchase loot boxes from the shop as well. Right now a special deal is available that allows players to purchase a legendary loot box and five standard loot boxes for just $5. Legendary boxes for Overwatch contain four items that all have different rarity. Basic loot boxes contain one rare item and three common items. There is a small chance of getting a legendary or epic item in a basic box.

Purchasing a legendary loot box will guarantee that you get at least one legendary item for the game. Players of the game should take advantage of this current offer from Overwatch as legendary items can greatly improve your game. The legendary box alone will provide you with different rare items that can help you play.

For $5, you can have a guarantee of a legendary item in your next purchase. Obviously, this will only work once and is hardly a giveaway, but it’s still an improvement over the usual state of affairs in the game.

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