During early days of new phones there are typically some issues that come up. However, the issue that OnePlus Nord users are experiencing seems to be a bit more serious than most. Many people who have the OnePlus Nord are reporting that their phones are spontaneously factory resetting. This means that their data is lost and their phone is restored to factory settings.

The cause of this issue is uncertain as it does not seem to be a firmware revision. Device wipes do not require intervention from the user as many people report their phones reset while they have them in their pockets. Other people state they have had several unexpected resets with the same phone. OnePlus representatives state that they are working on a fix, but did not provide any more details about why this is happening or when the fix can be expected.

If you one a OnePlus Nord your phone may or may not be affected. There is a good chance that these factory resets are limited to just a few units. However, it is definitely a good idea to make sure that you have your data backed up if you currently own one of these phones.

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