Lenovo using Linux in the tower desktop segment is not something that is new in any sense of that word. However, offering Linux on general sale computers is something new.

Linux machines were only offered by Lenovo to enterprise customers in the past. However, the company is now extending the device certification program so that it will include machines that will be available to the general public. There will be 27 models of laptops and desktops in total that are not going to have Windows preinstalled (and prepaid, of course).

Each of the machines that have been announced are going to be available to the public and will run Ubuntu, which is a part of the Debian operating system. Most of the machines are going to have Ubuntu 20.04. This is the most current release and long term support is offered through April of 2025. The L series of the ThinkPad comes with Ubuntu 18.04, which came out in 2018 and also has long term support, but only has three years left.

The company states that they have a vision of offering devices for all. The goal is to provide consumers with an easier way to have Linux on their own.

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