The launch of the RTX 3080 series could have probably gone a bit better in terms of availability. This highly sought graphics card sold out pretty much everywhere right away, even as NVIDIA was claiming it learned from its past mistakes.

The company has apologized stating that they and their partners were simply not prepared for this to happen. The demand for the card was extremely high and because of this the website stopped working for some time as it was inundated with ten times more traffic than any of their previous releases. By the time the store was officially live on the release date it looked as if the card was sold out already.

This left many people who received email notifications about being able to buy one were out of luck from the start. Additionally, the company stated that they had to cancel many orders that were made through bots on the official website. Nvidia states that they were able to get these canceled before any of the cards were shipped out.

Nvidia apologized for this fiasco on several occasions by now and has promised to continue producing the card and shipping them out to all of its partners immediately.

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