Just ahead of the No Time to Die James Bond release – at least until it got pushed back to next year due to the effects of the Great Lockdown – Nokia has revived their vintage James Bond marketing campaign.

The ad is very creative and uses the Bond characters to show off the features of the new Nokia phone. The ad for Nokia starts out with Nomi, an agent who joins the MI6 after Bond retires, standing on top of a high rise in London that overlooks the Thames. She watches a boat appear that prompts her to send a message to her partner spy T.

She of course uses her Nokia smartphone to send the message, showcasing the camera, map, and voice assistant features that are expected on the new device. The ad for the phone ends with Nomi receiving a call from M that tips off targets to where she is located. Mark Fairbanks, Stephania Silveira, and Sue Higgs created the ad and it was directed through Pulse Films by Amma Asante.

This Bond inspired campaign was supposed to be released in March, but the company delayed the release as MGM pushed back the release date for the new Bond movie.

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