Nintendo has announced that it is at last about to completely end the production of its 3DS handheld gaming system. An executive of Nintendo state that sales of the once highly popular 3DS have slowed significantly.

In the middle of September, a notice was posted to Nintendo’s UK and Japan websites that stated the manufacturing of the 3DS system had come to an end. Those knowledgeable of the industry were not surprised, as the manufacturer had merged the DS development team, which was first launched in 2004, to the Switch development team in 2009.

Consumer demand for higher expectations in what gaming systems can offer, such as advanced graphics and communication capabilities, led to spikes in labor and production costs. In 2017, Nintendo launched their gaming system – the Switch – which functions as both a handheld system and a console. The manufacturer also stopped projecting sales for the 3DS in earnings forecasts for end of March 2021. With lifetime sales falling under 80 million units, the 3DS never managed to achieve the level that Nintendo hoped it would. While the system helped launch Nintendo into the black in the 2014 fiscal year, it never achieve the capacity the company hoped for.

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