Nikon has pretty much confirmed that the rumors of a Z6 II and Z7 II were true. The company’s website recently launched a countdown page, which is counting down until the release date and time, which is October 14 at 12am.

Other than the fact that the Nikon Z6 II and Z7II are full-frame mirrorless phones and the release date of said phone, the company offered little more information. In July, rumors about the new editions of the Z6 and Z7 began to circulate. Since those rumors surfaced, researchers began searching for more information.

What they found was that both phones will feature the same image sensors and similar bodies as the current Z6 and Z7; however, researchers claim that the company has addressed some of the issues that consumers had with the current editions of the phones.

The updated versions will feature dual card slots, upgraded AF for improved detection of faces, eyes, and animals, a dual EXPEED processor, and a speedier max frame rate. It is also believed that the Z6 II and the Z7 II will feature a larger buffer, as well as 4k/60p video capability, and even the ability to capture a proper battery grip for improved vertical shooting.

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