Matt Nelson from North Dakota started recording his fishing journeys about nine years ago and he came a long way since. He uses a GoPro camera to produce what he deems quality fishing programming that’s both informative and relaxing.

Nelson takes his kayak into rivers and lakes and records good fishing techniques. His last video that he posted had over four million views. Nelson has made a career out of simply fishing his local lakes and rivers. He wakes up each morning and decides where to go fishing on that particular day. His one time hobby is now his full time job.

He records these fishing trips using a GoPro that he clips onto the top of his hat. He then will edit his videos to make them more interesting. Nelson had a following of a couple of thousand people and was content with that. He then posted a video about using a duck lure to catch large pike. This video went viral and he is now a fishing sensation.

Another recent video has him using a fishing lure that his grandfather had given him several years ago. He talks about fishing with his grandpa, reminiscing about which lure he used to catch his largest-ever largemouth bass.

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