Samsung tried to bring foldable phones back to life when they introduced the Galaxy Fold. Unfortunately, the first edition of the phone wasn’t received well; however, the newly updated second generation has certainly garnered more attention.

Now, Motorola is hoping to see some more success with the updated version of the Razr. The brand, which is owned by Lenovo as of several years ago, announced that the latest edition of the phone would be launched on October 2 in North America. It will also be available to purchase from some select retailers, such as Best Buy, Amazon, and B&H.

The initial version of the Razr was introduced last year, and despite the fact that it seemed to have everything right, it didn’t receive many positive reviews; much like other foldable phones. According to a spokesperson for HP, the company is confident in the latest version of the Razr foldable phone. The spokesperson said that it boasts a lot of the same technologies that the first edition of the Razr offered.

It was also noted that the new edition was designed to include 5G technology, but the company said they concentrated on areas to consumer feedback to enhance the new Razr.

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