Leslie Benzies, the widely recognized former president of Rockstar North, has raised more than $42 million for Everywhere, his upcoming open-world action-adventure game. Benzies’ studio, curiously named Build a Rocket Boy, which he founded back in 2018, officially secured the venture capital following a single round of seed funding, new reports indicate, citing industry insiders.

As per a report issued in The Telegraph, the investment was secured from multiple sources. One of the sources included Netease, the Chinese-based company that, in 2018, bought a minority stake in Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2. Additional investors included Galaxy Interactive, the NY cryptocurrency investor, and Makers Fund. In September of 2014, Benzies took a sabbatical after Grand Theft Auto V was launched. His new firm, Build a Rocket Boy, launched its first game in 2017.

The game was called Everywhere, and is an open-world sci-fi game. Benzie’s said that Everywhere features a lot of “traditional game mechanics”, but noted that his new firm was drawing inspiration from the game from “everywhere”. While the Everywhere game is still in the works and it won’t actually be seen for a while, it does seem like getting the funds that are needed to develop the game won’t be an issue.

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