Capcom today announced that they will be launching a new Monster Hunter game, subtitled Rise, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch early next year. To be more specific, this latest portable addition to the storied series will be available to Switch owners in March of 2021. Capcom made the announcement at the Nintendo Direct Mini.

Monster Hunter Rise is an extension of the open world design and exploration that was first introduced in Monster Hunter World. The focus of Rise is verticality and gamers will also be able to access a newly added tool called the Wirebug, a Clutch-Claw-style tool that resembles a hookshot and allows characters to swing and climb to they can access hard-to-reach locations, such as the Shrine Ruins.

According to the publisher, gamers will have the opportunity to uncover a lot of secretes, which the newly added canine companions (called Palamutes) will make easier to uncover. The Palumtes also function as fighting companions. Solo hunters can have two companions as the hunt. In multiplayer mode, players can access one companion. Kamura Village acts as the base of operations in Rise, and as per the trailer, the focus of the story will be similar to Monster Hunter World.

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