Pete Parsons, the CEO of Bungie, took to Twitter earlier this week to personally deny any and all rumors of a Microsoft acquisition. Parson’s latest denial was sparked by a new round of rumors that claimed Microsoft was thinking about a Bungie acquisition. Despite the speed of Parson’s denial, Microsoft and Bungie have a long-standing history, as the two developed the Halo franchise together.

In 2007, Bungie became an independent studio after they made three Halo entries as a subsidiary of Microsoft. After Bungie announced a 10 year agreement with Activism in 2010, the partnership between Microsoft and Bungie ended. During the partnership, the Destiny sequel was released and the agreement ended after just 8 years. Bungie studio became independent again in 2019 and kept the rights for the Destiny trademark. It has now been rumored that Microsoft was considering acquiring Bungie.

According to Pete Parsons, the CEO of Bungie, the rumors were false; however, additional evidence has been found that a Microsoft acquisition of the developer. The rumor found on Xbox Era’s Open Corporates was based on the assumption that a CSC officer linked to Bungie was linked to Microsoft purchasing the studio. The CSC officer, however, was confused by the terms.

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