The rare few users of Microsoft Bing might have been compromised by an unsecure server from the search engine’s infrastructure, which exposed search terms, device information and GPS location coordinates.

The leak did not encompass any other, even more personal data. Personal information such as names were not exposed. However, according to Wizcase researchers there was enough data made available that it could be possible to link the search queries as well as the locations to the identities of the users.

Essentially, it is possible that bad people could have access to information that is ripe for phishing scams, blackmail attacks, and even more. The data that was leaked came from the mobile version of Bing. Researchers think that the server was protected until September 10, which was two days before they found the issue on the 12th. Microsoft found out about the data that was exposed on September 13th.

The server was not secure until September 16th, as per the same disclosure. It is not known how many users were affected, but it is safe to say that anyone who searched through Bing during the time that the server was breached might have had that data shared with the world.

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