Lenovo took over Motorola from Google a while back but now appears to be resigned to converging its existing smartphone operations, in a sense. That sense being copy-pasting product design across several brands.

It is widely reported that the company plans to release the K12 Note smartphone. This smartphone is going to be a copy of the Moto G9 Play that was released previously. The codename for the phone is guamp, according to Google Play. The screen will have a 1600 x 720 pixel resolution. Out of the box it runs the Android 10 OS. According to Google, the Lenovo K12 Note is simply a variant of the MOto G (Play, which debuted in Europe in August.

The device was also released in India as the Moto G9. This means that the company is planning to sell the same phone with three names throughout the world. There have been other companies such as Xiaomi also doing something similar. The phone is already available in Europe and in the UK. Throughout Europe the price for the phone is 169 euros. The phone is selling for 160 euros in the United Kingdom.

It can currently be purchased on Amazon UK and through the Motorola website.

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