John David Washington, the star of HBOs Ballers and Spike Lee’s BlacKkKansman, and the son of even more famous Hollywood star Denzel Washington, has announced that he is ready to take on a new role with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) earlier this week.

As per his newly circulated statement on the development, the actor says he wants to be cast as Reed Richards in the Disney/Fox reboot of Fantastic Four, which was announced in 2019 by Kevin Feige. Marvel has yet to shed more light on the Fantastic Four reboot, which has spurred a lot of fan gossip, such as what characters will be introduced into the MCU and what actors will be playing those characters.

The biggest roles include Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Human Torch, and Doctor Doom. Actor John Krasinski has expressed interest in the role of Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), but so has John David Washington. Initially, Washington eluded that he would be open to considering portraying a superhero; however, he has since expressed even more interest in playing Reed Richards.

In an interview with Nerd Reactor, Washington suggested he might join MCU and DCEU. He stated that the particular character he would

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