The collection of Aston Martin DBs that are driven by James Bond is iconic in its own right, so it’s notable that 007 now appears to be ready to jump on board of the electric adoption trend. The James Bond Collection began in 1963 with the DB5 model.

For those who are interested in driving the same type of car as Bond, it was announced by Aston Martin recently that a DB5 junior is in the works. This vehicle will be an all electric version of the original concept. The DB5 Junior was created using a complete 3D scan of the original version of the car to make sure that it is accurate.

The junior is a narrower, lighter weight and shorter version that will accommodate one adult and a child. The aluminum honeycomb chassis combined with the fiber composite body sits on the same double wishbone suspension as the original model. The engine is powered by a 5KW powertrain that pushes the car up to 30 miles per hour.

The Smith instruments and Aston Martin badges and fins are also very visible parts of the package. This is likely just the beginning of an all-new chapter in the 007 saga, so expect more electric vehicles from Aston Martin further down the road, no pun intended.

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