Ring is one of the top home security devices on the market. The company has realized that there are only a few places in your home that people want to permanently place a camera and at times these places are simply not enough.

For this reason, the company has started to develop the Always home cam. This is a drone device that will patrol rooms and watch over your things. The drone offers an extra layer of security as you will be able to check on certain worries such as if you left the windows open or the oven burner on.

The always home cam will integrate with the Ring ecosystem. It flies patrol when sensors are triggered during away mode. You cannot manually control the craft, but you can use a live feed to watch it go about its business through the Ring app. This will give you some warning if someone wanders into your home when you are away. The building of this drone took some time as it was challenging to integrate the hardware and software into the device.

The drone also has collision avoidance tech so that it can zoom throughout all of the tight spaces in your home.

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