Huawei announced that they are going to begin launching commercial desktops within the next year. This comes after speculations that the company was set to enter the desktop market, but its current circumstances mean the rumored computers likely won’t be making their way out of China anytime soon.

The announcement provides confirmation that this is going to happen. Reports state that the desktop computers from Huawei will come equipped with the Kunpeng 920 processor. The SSD will be 256 GB and the desktops will offer up to 8 GB of RAM. Additionally, the computer will offer a Radeon R7 430 graphics card, internal operating system, and 180W power supply. Huawei displayed a chip on the official website named Qingyun W510. It remains uncertain if this is going to be the name of the product.

Qingyun could be the international code for the chip and the official name might be Kunpeng. The company schedule shows that all of the servers and desktops will be based on chips from Huawei. The chips are all mostly created with the use of Chinese technology.

It is expected that the production capacity for the desktops will be between 300,000 to 5 million within the first three years.

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