Huawei, as a global company, has been doing quite well in recent decades. A lot of its explosive growth was all about smartphones, in fact.

But with that part of its business being essentially grounded for the foreseeable future, the company is looking for other possible avenue of growth, both domestically and internationally. Recent reports state that Huawei is going to enter the display market.

The goal is to start competing with some of the other emerging manufacturers in this area such as Xiaomi. There are plans for the company to release a curved screen display specifically targeting the nascent but constantly growing gaming market niche. Reports also claim that the production of the standard displays will be outsourced to BOEVT.

The first batch of the displays being offered by Huawei is going to include standard monitors. Additionally, the curved screen monitors are going to be subcontracted to TPV technology. The first order is for about a million displays with standard 27 and 34 inch screen sizes.

Analysts think that this foray into the display market is generally a good move for the company due to being a low-risk, high-reward kind of deal. There is also a rumor that Huawei is set to enter the desktop PC market as well.

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