It was well known that Samsung was going to release another Galaxy S20 model this year, but we did not know what exactly it was going to be.

Well, the new phone has now been revealed as the Galaxy S20 FE. FE stands for Fan Edition and this phone can hence be considered as the successor to the Galaxy S10 Lite released in early 2020. The reason Samsung went with the FE instead of lite could be fore several reasons, one being that it is a better equipped phone in several aspects and the company likely did not want the word lite associated with a phone that is an almost flagship.

The company states that they are launching this device to provide flagship features for fans of the Galaxy at a price that is more reasonable. The S20 FE has some of the better features from the Galaxy S20 and uses the same chipsets that are found in all of the flagship family. The S20 FE offers a 6.5 inch display that supports 120 Hz refresh rates.

This faster refresh rate is something that every user is going to want. Additionally, the S20 FE has a fingerprint sensor within the display.

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