FIFA 21 won’t be getting a demo in advance of its release, which is slated for October 9th. This runs contrary to quite a long and storied tradition of playable demos that the series has been offering for about a decade at this point.

The publisher of FIFA 21, EA, said that they are foregoing the tradition of releasing a demo so that they can offer players the best “full game experience” for both current and next generation consoles. Subscribers of EA Play, however, will be able to access a 10-hour trial beginning October 1.

Any progress players make on the trial will be transferred over to the full-version of the game when it launches on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. The publisher has not yet announced when FIFA 21 will be released on Xbox X Series and PS5, which could indicate that EA still needs to work on optimizing the game to accommodate next-gen hardware.

Based on the FIFA 21 preview, the game is essentially FIFA, as it is founded on the Frostbite engine, the same engine that is used for the best-selling football video game. Therefore, unless you played the previous game extensively, you likely won’t notice any big changes right away. It seems like the FIFA 21 beta features minor changes.

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