There have been some rather big changes announced by ESL involving the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s mainstream competitive scene for the next calendar year. The company has revealed the full calendar of events as it is hoping to bring a bit of stability back for the players, organization, and fans.

The changes that have been announced include a new format for Pro Tour Events, a new studio that is specifically designed for CS:GO, and even more. On the ESL site it states that following one of the most challenging and unpredictable years in esports history, we are ready to announce the outlook and vision for ESL Pro Tour 2021.

We are hoping to provide some stability for us, the players, and our fans by releasing the calendar of events. Our hope is that LAN events will be able to return soon as we continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation leading into the year 2021.

The plan for next year is to lower the number of matches, with 8 ESL LAN tournaments held during back to back weekends instead of through a single week. This will allow more time to prepare between teams. The new studio will offer a maximum player experience.

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