For those who love the classical story of Alice in Wonderland, there is some really great news coming your way. What could be better than totally immersing yourself in the wonderful world that this timeless story has to offer?

Well, we’ll find what the latter actually means quite soon, seeing how HTC VIVE Arts and V&A recently announced a partnership that will bring audiences into the magical world of Alice. Players will be able to journey through the wonders of Alice’s world using “Curious Alice.” This VR-centric turn of events pretty much promises to offer a comprehensive preview of the Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition that is still on course to open in March of next year.

The VR event in question is set to take place late next month, on October 22nd, which coincides with the time that tickets for the Curiouser and Curiouser event are going on sale. The VR event is free to attend. This wonderful creative platform is sure to spark joy and wonder to all who attend. It is accessible with or without a VR headset and people around the world can join the platform using an Android device, Window’s Pc or through the V&A’s YouTube channel.

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