Manufacturer of popular game streaming hardware such as capture cards, Elgato, has just recently confirmed that their capture devices will be able to work on the upcoming Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft’s next-gen gaming consoles.

In a post first shared on Reddit, a customer rep for Elgato stated that there won’t be any exceptions to this and that users will even have the ability to capture up to 60 frames per second of full 4K resolution, depending on the device. In the blog post that was shared on Reddit, Elgato stated that users should take notice of the supported resolution and refresh rate combinations will be dependent on the capture of the device.

For instance, HD6o will have the ability to pass through and capture up to 1080p6o from Series X/S, and the 4K60 Pro MK.2 has the ability to pass through and capture up to 4K60 HDR. Users won’t need to have any additional or special equipment or updated in order to use Elgato capture devices on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. They will be able to simply continue from where they last were. Simple, easy, and usable for all; the news from Elgato is definitely good.

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