A series of images quite obviously related to the Need for Speed franchise has been posed on the official Twitter account of Electronic Arts. The Tweets have sparks the curiosity of fans and led them to think that the company will announce the launch of the game soon. Need for Speed fans are under the assumption that Electronic Arts and Criterion will announce a new addition t the series.

They also speculate that the announcement for the new title will be made sooner than anyone thought, as it appears as if the developers are teasing the date that the announcement will be made. A collection of images that showcase a police car chasing a sports car was released on the official Twitter account of Need for Speed.

The Tweets could indicate that Electronic Arts and Criterion are alluding to the release date of the latest title in the series – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a fan favorite in almost any sense imaginable. The license plate on the sports car says “510”, as does the billboard display for Big Joe’s Pizzeria seen in the same imagery. Fans speculate that the numbers could mean the announcement will be made on 5/10, or October 5th.

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