Walmart recently launched a drone delivery program in its home country of the United States that will allow the company to drop Covid 19 tests off to homes that are located within a mile of the Walmart store located in North Las Vegas.

Customers will receive a text when their test is on the way. The kits will be dropped in the driveway, on the sidewalk, or in their backyard, depending on where trees and cars might be located in the area. Once a person receives their test they can send it off to Quest labs which will then send out digital results.

The results from the tests are typically provided in just two days. Delivery of the tests is free and typically only takes about five minutes. The senior vice president for consumer products, Tom Ward, stated that they hope to provide these services on a larger scale and to continue to provide more innovative ways to use drone delivery for the future.

Right now, most people will not have access to drone delivery of the Covid 19 tests. There are plans for the drone trial to continue in Cheektowaga, New York, but no other sites have been named at this time.

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