Ed Boon, Creative Direct for NetherRealm Studios recently offered a look into what he thinks about how favorite characters are chosen for fighting games. Boone gave a speech during the Fandome panel stream. This panel helped provide fans with some insight about the selection for the Injustice roster.

Boon provides some factors that they use when they are trying to determine what characters are going to make the cut for these games. In addition, he may have leaked some information about the possibility of Injustice 3. More specifically, he mentioned what characters are going to be a lock for the roster if the game does come out. He stated that the first thing is how popular the characters are.

Perhaps the most interesting information was that he stated that there would be no game that would launch without several of the most popular characters. Wonderwoman, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash will always be a part of any Injustice game. If a third installment of the game is in the works, it seems as these heroes are going to be on the roster. All of the Injustice games of the past include all of these characters, so it makes sense that a new version would have these characters as well.

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