Warner Bros. just wrapped up its DC Comics convention with nothing short of a ton of exciting announcements. This year’s FanDome II hence covered everything from comics, television shows related to DC, and content from fan contributions. The biggest announcements from this convention are all about television.

Some of these announcements include Doom Patrol being approved for the third season. This is a big deal as the second season ended with a big cliffhanger for almost all of the characters. The basic structure for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s sixth season. The crew for the Waverider will be searching through history for space aliens.

This should be a fun season when considering the show has a penchant for finding outrageous plotlines. Gotham Knights was revealed with almost eight minutes of footage being shown and the first look at Justice League from Zack Snyder was shown. There were many big moments provided during the convention and provided a lot of information about what is in store for fans of DC comics and from what was seen, fans will have quite a bit to look forward to. This includes new seasons of some of the fan favorite shows that are currently on the air.

A note: As a kid I spent most of my hospital days with comics, and I continued reading them as I grew older (this is why I also opened up the tag what to read). Hopefully I’ll cover more of both MCU News and DC Comics News in the upcoming months, until then be sure to check out the tech news section.