Throughout the years, there have been many crossover events with DC Comics and their rivals from the creative minds of Marvel’s artists. However, if you look closely it could be a third property that really ties these two universes together. This third property is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It is not a well kept secret that the Ninja Turtles were supposed to share the same origin story as Daredevil. The chemical that caused Matt to become blind was also supposed to be the same ooze that turned the baby turtles into the pizza eating heroes. The Marvel/Daredevil connections do not end with just the origin story.

Matt Murdock was trained by a master named Stick, the turtles were trained by Splinter. The turtles face off with the foot clan while the daredevil faces the hand. Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman were entirely unsubtle about all of this. If it is thought that the Ninja Turtles exist in Marvel Comics, it also means that if they pop up in another universe, they are all entwined in some way.

So, when the turtles team up with Batman, it might be concluded that the turtles are a part of both the DC and the Marvel universes.

A note: As a kid I spent most of my hospital days with comics, and I continued reading them as I grew older (this is why I also opened up the tag what to read). Hopefully I’ll cover more of both MCU News and DC Comics News in the upcoming months, until then be sure to check out the tech news section.