The most well known of the eSports organizations is CS:GO is G2. In addition, G2 has one of the biggest net worths among CS:GO teams. These numbers allow them the ability to splurge on better players in order to improve their roster. When it comes to their latest purchase, it looks like they are going all in. confirmed that G2 is planning to make a bid on FaZe star Nikola “NiKo” Kovac.

It is reported that both of the organizations are currently holding negotiations to make a permanent deal. The deal is still in negotiations so there are no real details being released about the possible deal right now. However, no matter what the amount is, there is a good chance that it will be the largest transfer fee paid by one team in order to acquire a professional CS:GO player.

The way things currently look, if the deal becomes reality, there is a chance that Francois “AmaNEk is going to end up being cut from the roster. Everyone has remained pretty quiet about the possible deal and there have been no comments made from anyone. If the deal goes through, NiKo would be playing with his cousin Nemania Kova, who he has stated will end up being a star player.

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