Chromebooks are getting a pretty major CPU upgrade; the kind that everyone but the most casual of users are likely to take notice of. That is, Intel just recently announced that they are bringing out the 11th generation of their processors, the so-called Tiger Lake CPU range, to Chromebooks.

This processor series is touted to offer a 20 percent faster performance as well as noticeably better real-world web application performances with an efficiency increase of 19 percent when compared to the previous generation. According to Intel, Tiger Lake is the best processor range for ultrabooks, aka today’s super-slim laptops.

In addition to faster performances overall, Intel states that users will be able to batch and edit photos faster and reduce video production time by as much as 54 percent. Chrome OS devices offer an affordable option for many households. With more and more people working and going to school online, these great laptops are easy to travel with, lightweight, and with the new processors, will offer faster speeds for everyone.

Intel is dedicated to improving chromebooks so that they are functional for the virtual learning and work environments that we have all entered today and likely well into the future.

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