When it comes to photography Canon is at the top of the game. The company has once again changed the photography game by announcing a new cinema camera.

The EOS C70 is groundbreaking as it offers a cinema camera that is the same size as a DSLR. In addition, this camera features the RF lens mount. The C70 is set to replace the C100 mark II. The new camera comes with 16 stops dynamic range. This is because of the Super35 sensor that is installed in it.

The EOS C70 will also be able to capture 4K video and has no recording limits. Perhaps the best feature of all is just the size of this camera. It is only 160 mm wide and has a height of just 130.2 mm. This small camera is perfect for use with a drone or in a gimbal set up. The C70 combines the best of each world.

The technology, form factor and RF mount of cameras such as the R5 along with the industry standard features and image quality found throughout the Cinema EOS range. All things considered, this seems to be a truly professional system for anyone looking to bridge from DSLR to videography.

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