Bungie recently announced a total rework of its polarizing Ghost system featured in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Gamers will have the opportunity to select their Ghost based on its appearance, not the features it’s equipped with.

Like the Armor 2.0 system that was launched last years, players will also have the ability to use mods to customize their Ghosts. The Ghosts in Destiny 2 are the robots that resurrect characters when they perish; an angel sitting on the shoulder of the Guardian speaks for them. Presently, to customize the way their Ghosts look and provide bonus perks to their characters, gamers can access different shells.

There is a problem, though: the perks on the Ghosts of Destiny 2 are static on some shells, so players won’t be able to decorate their characters the way they want to. Guiding Light and Speed Demon are the preferred perks, and they are only offered on a handful of Ghost shells. The new system that Bugie will be launching later this year will correct that problem in its entirety, or at least that’s what the developer hopes for.

The Ghosts will be operated using an energy system in Beyond Light. Different currencies can also be used to upgrade their Ghosts.

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