The tech industry is like a battlefield. It’s all about who will get to the information faster and who will shoot their shot to be the world’s greatest innovator. Behind the scenes of those world-breaking innovations are people who are constantly on the lookout for crucial information they can use for themselves.

True innovators know that knowledge is the key to success, which is why they spend days keeping their eyes peeled to news reporting sites. If you’re looking to be the next groundbreaking tech innovator, it may be worth your while to go through this list of tech sites.

Breaking in the list is one of our favorites. A site that will most likely become one of your favorites after spending 5 minutes scrolling through their content and articles. Their name perfectly describes their main focus of attention—keeping up with the digital trends. Or better said, any trend that is in close proximity to technology.

They love to keep their audience up to date with what is happening in the tech industry, but what they love even more is providing their visitors with reliable feedback in regard to any tech product that would cross your mind. At Digitaltrends you can find top-of-the-notch reviews, best product lists, and even delightful deals. Head over to Digitaltrends and check it out.

Through the years this once well-known magazine has reinvented itself and redefined the future. They like to keep the crowd on their toes and waiting for more by providing hard-hitting headlines. Their forte is business, culture, gear, science, and lots of other great stuff that shouldn’t be missing out on whatsoever.

They like to touch base on a variety of topics that make up the tech industry as a whole. Nevertheless, their strong suit is providing the most in the minute news on technology. This includes everything from how to get great tech support to smart gadgets that can upgrade your routine. With the click of a button, you can find everything you want here.

The source for tech buying advice! At least that is what they say. We say that they are way more than a source for tech buying advice. They specialize in supplying dependable reviews regarding phones, TVs, cameras, and far more things you can think of. However, more and more people rush to their site for their news category.

What makes them so special you might ask? Well, apart from the intriguing content and advice they are one of the quickest news sources to post the lasted reports and features. Let’s just say that in a matter of three hours, TechRadar can post over 40 news pieces of information. If you want to catch up on what is going on, you can do so here.

9TO5Mac is definitely a website that is worthy of your dreamin’. It’s easy to notice that iOS devices are their preferred way to go. So, if you’re an Apple person yourself your greatest chance at finding the latest news is by visiting their page. Everything and anything that comes to mind when you think of Mac is highlighted in their numerous articles.

Since they narrow their focus on a certain type of technology, this makes it easier for them to find and to provide in-depth details and spicy rumors. If you’re a Mac owner, you are probably always waiting for the next update to see how you can improve your user experience and performance. No matter if it’s your phone, TV, iPad, you want to know all the detail ASAP! Check out 9TO5Mac and see what you can expect.

The future is sure looking bright according to Bright Side of News. If there is anything tech junkies like doing, it’s exploring the tech universe and fanaticizing about what the future will look like with all the amazing gadgets and gizmos. Not to get anyone too excited, but the content they’ve been putting out on electric cars seems like we’re very close to having them flying.

In the meantime, while you wait for that to happen you can stick to exploring flying drones, Playstations, streaming, fintech, and VPNs. They have quite a considerable amount of reports that will have you jumping from one to another. The great thing about Bright Side of News is that their articles are short and sweet but filled with all the important facts. Check out their Tech News category here.

Join the network of some of the most notable faces in the tech industry. You can think of TheNextWeb as the inner circle to finding out the technological advancements that will shape your future. People have a lot to say about what the future will look like, including you. So why not take the opportunity to get a better glimpse at it?


At TNW you’ll notice several categories with their own unique name. To save you some time from decoding you can summarize these sections into investments, electronics, intriguing developments and how-to guides, business, transportation of the future, and AI. Everything a tech specialist or novice would like to get their hands on is available at TheNextWeb.  Take a look for yourself here.

You name it, they mash it. In a good way of course. Their fortissimo is to aggregate all crucial and important pieces of information to create an article that will blow your mind. They like to provide their readers with a little bit of everything. After all, when you look at it, almost all topics you can think of nowadays are somehow intertwined with technology.

It comes as no surprise why their audience is so widespread. At Mashable you can find anything that you put your mind to. Want to find the best automatic dog feeders? Or wondering if you can buy Tesla with Bitcoin? All your answers can be found in one place. See whats new, whats rising, and whats hot at Mashable.

The first smart choice you made was reading this list, the second smart choice you can make is visiting Smartmobs. They have some of the most entertaining yet educational pieces of news and information you can find, while also watching out for news that they know will interest the reader and have them digging for more details.

Smartmobs has two categories that have especially intrigued their audience. However, their strongest category at the moment is tech news, as they have shown to be quite an authentic online news reporter that provides insightful details to viewers from all around the world. Check out their Tech News category here.