The 11th B550 CPU motherboard was officially unveiled by MSI earlier today, folowing several weeks’ worth of speculation. The new motherboard is called the MAG B550 Torpedo. It is an ATX form factor that is similar to the Tomahawk. However, the feature set is cut back in this version.

The pricing has not been released by MSI at this point. However, from what has been seen of the board and the features that it has, the Torpedo is similar to the previous B450 Tomahawk. If this is the case it is good news as the B450 was a great motherboard at the time and had all the necessities as well as an AMD system builder.

The B550 Tomahawk has been upgraded with a mid-range SKU and has both pricing and features to match the upgrade. The budget offerings from MSI range from $120 to $140. These budget offerings are the B550M Bazooka and the B550 Pro. The Pro targets content creators and professionals, as per the company itself. The Bazooka has similar features to the Torpedo, but the micro ATX is weaker.

The features of the Torpedo are solid, offering a Duet Rail Power System, PCIe Gen 4 NVMe support, and 2.5G LAN.

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