Taiwanese computer giant Asus has now entered the commercial PC market throughout India. The company has entered the country with 11 device offerings ranging from desktops, laptops, and convertibles, i.e. all-in-one devices.

Asus is targeting the enterprise segment throughout the country, in particular, a company representative said. The so-called “Expert Series” of its new computers is going to offer a variety of easily deployable, scalable solutions (read: apps) for business users. There are currently six laptops available through the Asus expertbook. The AsusPro expert center lineup is going to include three desktops.

There are also two all in ones that will be available in India as well. The regional director for Asus, Leon Yu, stated that Asus is going to offer enterprises the chance to experience cutting edge tech, innovation, and performance, with the use of the commercial PCs being offered. He also stated that Asus understands that just delivering the hardware is not enough and the company also plans to offer great customer service that will provide solutions for any new issues that arise further down the road.

The series is going to cater to businesses of all sizes including schools, government, small business, and any and all larger enterprises.

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