Consumers in India will soon be able to get an authentic Apple shopping experience, coupled with expert advice and customer support. That’s because the Apple Store will launch online in India later this month.

Consumers in the Asian country should hence finally catch up with some of their neighbors as far as Apple’s commercial machinery is concerned. The store itself will be functionally identical to digital storefronts Apple already runs the world over. There will be an online team available to offer all of their expertise to the people of India. Apple’s senior vice president, Deirdre O’Brien recently went on record to state that they are happy to be expanding throughout India and the company is ready to do all they can to support each of their customers and the communities they reside in.

Apple stores online provide a very convenient way to shop for all products Apple. With specialist available to help new customers with any questions that they may have from how to custom configure their Mac to how to set up their new device. While Apple, being a premium smartphone brand, is unlikely to make huge waves in India for the time being, more choice is rarely bad news for consumers.

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