When it comes to complete smartphone packages, the update cycle is a great indicator. Android 11 has been released and phone manufacturers are now getting their devices ready for this OS update.

Asus has started to gear up as they recently rolled out a beta build for ZenFone 6. The company is also starting a public beta for Android 11 on their flagship ZenFone 7 line. The open program can be used by people fulfilling set requirements. The device has to be bootloader locked and customers must be active in the ZenTalk forum providing regular feedback about things that need improved.

Additionally, users who are chosen must evaluate the releases and provide the company with any bug reports. If you meet these requirements you can sign up through the system update and choose to enroll in the beta program. If you do not have the Android 10 build, you will not see the option to join the beta test program. Registration for the beta program is open until October 5, 2020.

You should know that there will be some glitches and other bugs, so if you are using your device as a daily driver, you might not want to install this update just yet.

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